Your Mac Is Not Vintage !!!!

What thoughts or feelings come to mind when you think of the word Vintage? First I think of its original meaning as a meeting with wine, but secondly a car with a tail rotor and roller skate jack from a 1950s movie. Of course you have your own ideas about the word, but most would agree that vintage means old-fashioned, close to antique, or a fashion that was popular in a different era. I doubt an image of a 2010 macbook repair calgary comes to mind. Vintage… the term Apple uses in the Genius bar when your Mac is over 5 years old.

As I write this article, I happen to receive a call from a customer who needs batteries for his 2011 13-inch MacBook Pro A1278, which is a perfect example. He said when he took his MacBook to the Apple Store for service, they repeatedly used the term vintage and encouraged him to buy a new MacBook after confirming his own diagnosis that his Mac just needed a new battery. He reviewed his current line of Macs and found that they didn’t offer him more features than his current MacBook. He wanted to change his battery but they wouldn’t help him because of his vintage status.

Apparently, at this point, there’s no one better to help him with his Mac than Apple. It was right in the store with its Mac, and Apple made computers with the same battery until 2015! They may provide compatible batteries, but they won’t replace them.

We think Apple cleverly uses vintage terms to add some negative emotion to your Mac which is quite capable and leaves you in a state that creates a craving for their new offering. Vintage, old fashioned, almost vintage isn’t exactly what most people think of computers today. The conscious choice of the word harvest is a vile slow selling tactic in my opinion. I would suggest the industry standard word “discontinued” would be a bit more neutral. I’m sure Apple will accept this offer. Fixing a computer doesn’t help evaluate the stakes, and this is certainly a conflict.

We seem to live in a world where our mobile devices and computers have become status symbols and you are led to believe that fashion is getting less and less the latest and greatest and yours is out of date or incompetent. Let us assure you that your well-built Mac has a few years left. Your Mac is not retro!

With the macbook screen repair, any single-chassis MacBook isn’t retro. Any Mac with a 2007-2010 Intel Core 2 Duo processor that has advanced capabilities such as a primary or secondary computer has the potential to offer home automation or server capabilities in your home or office. Any silver iMac can be a great computer for everyday use. We can make your old iMac or MacBook run faster and perform better than when you bought it. If Apple told you your Mac was retro and unhelpful, we’d like to give you a second opinion. Nextgen is a leader in third-party mac book repair calgary. Contact us and we will help you. 403 412 5000

To update:

We hear from multiple sources that she’s using a new cute word to care for apples: dinosaurs! Yes, they call your Mac 2011 a dinosaur.

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