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Our experienced and certified technicians tick all the boxes to provide an exceptional, high-quality and unmatched laptop repair service experience. Our prices in the online marketplace are competitive but affordable for the end user. Calgary computer repair team consists of well qualified technicians with relevant knowledge of hardware and software. Before moving on to the details of laptop repair, here are a few things to keep in mind: Be tactful. If the laptop is covered under warranty, repair it before the warranty expires; Fiddling with or fiddling with anything inside a laptop can be dangerous. Be careful when removing or removing the laptop battery; Computer repair can and does damage the chips inside. Therefore, pay special attention to this; If you are not familiar with repairs, leave the burden to us;

Steps to protect your laptop from damage:
Make sure all backups have been made before starting laptop repair.
Only use plug-ins for easy retrieval and removal from wearables.
It’s a good idea to find out about laptop service coverage. Just try to understand the different parts on the back or back of the laptop.
Contact Google as often as possible for clear or concise guidance.
Look for replacement parts.
Pay attention to maintenance and safety when repairing all spare parts.
Don’t let yourself or your confidence fall the wrong way.
Some of the most common problems faced by their laptop customers are listed below:

Laptop Setup and Repair starts running slower than usual. Excessive heat during charging.
Replacing the hard drive The hard drive is the data center of your computer. Hard drives typically differ in three main ways – size, speed, and consistency (i.e. they are usually built into the computer and cannot be removed).
Depending on the availability of disk space and memory, there are issues categorized as follows: BIOS upgrade, BIOS expa advanced.

Replacing the laptop fan
Limited storage space and lack of ventilation cause the laptop to heat up quickly. Therefore, in this case, we must adhere to certain steps:

If in doubt, follow the instructions provided.
Disconnect and unplug the laptop.
Remove the battery, CD drive, and hard drive. Turn the front of the laptop over and remove the screws at the bottom that secure the keyboard.
Turn off the laptop fan.
Apply a thin layer of thermal grease to the processor, then replace the heat sink and fan assembly.
Turn on the laptop and turn it on.

Laptop screen replacement
Refurbished laptop Calgary can cost twice as much as buying a new one. you think so? Probably not! Replacing a laptop screen requires users to follow certain techniques to avoid critical cases such as:

Remove the display bezel. All charged laptops must be unplugged. We need to look at the frame around the screen to see the seriousness of the problem. To remove the frame, you must remove the screws that secure the LCD screen. Once the screws are removed, a thin metal knife will come in handy.
When using a knife, it is recommended to ensure that the rounded corners are pulled out safely with a plastic spatula. The frame is now simply clicked onto the lid to attach it firmly with double-sided tape.
In any case, the frame must be removed. Then remove the damaged LCD panel. Using the LCD mounting brackets you found, remove the screws on the cover. Now place the laptop face down on the case, disconnect/unplug the cable.
Install the new LCD panel after the new screen matches the panel during repair. When all sides are snug, connect the new bezel to the cable, place the bezel into the cover and tighten the screws with the screws showing. The LCD panel is ready to be tested and frame reassembled.

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