Refurbished Computers: Are they worth it?

Refurbished plainly translates to restoration and renovation. Here, an old computer that has been returned to the retailer is repaired, restored and resold. Every physical and technological aspect of the device is looked into, the defects are replaced and the appliance is resold usually for a subsidized price. There are multiple reasons for a customer to return their device to the manufacturer or vendor. The device is examined and repaired before it is opened for sale to the public. There are various computer repair shops that offer these services. Nextgen Technologies, Calgary, boasts a team of highly skilled employees who specialize in this field.

Computer repairs and Laptop repairs are done by our professional team here at Nextgen, Calgary. Customers on a budget are encouraged to opt for the refurbished computer devices. These devices are offered at a lower price than usual, attributing to being second-hand in nature. But the working of the computer is guaranteed to be satisfactory if not more. All hardware and software problems are tackled speedily and resold to new buyers. In this way, customers who are not willing to shell out a large amount of money for a brand new device can go for our refurbished devices. Thus, saving valuable money while also enjoying a perfectly working computer.


Nextgen Technologies works hard and tirelessly to repair all defects of returned goods. Such items are repaired and retested, even their most minor cosmetic defects. Some goods are completely unused, while some have seen minor use and have undergone cleaning, diagnostics, OS reinstall, repairs, and tests to ensure that they are ready for resale.

Our team is highly-skilled and reliable. Their resourcefulness in computer repairs, Calgary, is commendable. In addition to this, we also repair laptop screens, and even go as far as laptop screen replacement in serious cases. We try our best to give you an opportunity to reap the benefits of a thoroughly repaired computer.

Nextgen Computer and Laptop repairs, Calgary, is among the top computer shops for you if you wish to purchase refurbished devices. Our round the clock service and assistance is sure to delight you. We take a lot of efforts to ensure your satisfaction and safety in the long run. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Over the years we have had a large number of customers who have constantly been in business with us due to our exceptional service and positive response to all their IT and computer-related problems. Our business, basically of computer-repairs, has grown exponentially over the past decade, all thanks to our loyal clients and reliable staff. We cater to all kinds of computer-related issues and are quick to find innovative solutions for the same. 

Here at Nextgen, Calgary, our professional team focuses on fixing and retesting used and returned products. After retesting them, we open them for sale to the general public. Every defect, both physical and technological, are handled and repaired. Thus, we constantly encourage all customers to take a look at our refurbished products and make purchases for the same. Our wide range of products are sure to catch your eye due to their good working conditions and attractive prices. Nextgen Technologies looks forward to doing business in computer repairs, laptop repairs, laptop screen replacement, laptop screen repairs among various other major and minor computer issues. Nextgen is a must visit laptop and computer shop in Calgary. We offer top quality servicing, one-on-one customer service assistance and sales of refurbished goods at nominal rates to our clientele. We are a renowned and well-respected computer repair store in Calgary.

About us

We started out about a decade ago, catering mainly to household maintenance. As time progressed, our business grew. Now we offer countless services to various companies, sectors, businesses and individuals. Our team is extensively skilled in the IT sector, gaining positive feedback from all our clients. We set up training sessions on a daily basis for all employees to furnish them with the knowledge of latest technological updates and how to tackle the problems that come with it. We aim to move hand-in-hand with modernity and thus have earned a name for ourselves. Our team is equipped with all the necessary knowledge and skills required to intervene and intercept any computer related complications. We are dependable, honest and sincere in our work, and assure you that you will receive quality servicing and guidance at any time.

Along with the refurbishment services, we offer a number of other areas of assistance such as- computer/laptop repairs, security or surveillance camera installation and maintenance, POS system services. These are our most popular spheres of service. We also facilitate the removal and eradication of computer viruses without having to delete any precious media files such as pictures and videos. Through our experience, expertise and observations, we strive to achieve the highest possible level of customer and service satisfaction. Thus, we are starting to add more resources towards refurbishment as a strategy to allow clients to purchase decent goods at reasonable prices. Our economical rates attract customers from even far away locations as with modernization, people are looking for cheaper goods due to the growing economy and inflation. We take all such factors into consideration during the pricing of our products in order to finalise fair, nominal prices for all customers, without a trace of discrimination. Nextgen is sensitive to your needs and is always open to constructive criticism and valuable feedback. 

Nextgen Technologies, Calgary, is a customer-friendly service centre, offering you a wide range of computer related services as well as guidance and assistance with any IT related needs and troubles. We urge you to come to us for your computer repairs, laptop screen repairs and screen replacement, surveillance camera issues, POS system complications, IT guidance as well as refurbished goods purchase options. We offer the best deals out of numerous computer repair shops in Calgary. Our team takes great pride in the services we offer due to our constant innovative and creative ideas, service satisfaction and affordable pricing so that our clients can utilize their devices to their full potential. 

Visit our site to avail our services for issues such as computer hardware or software repair, laptop screen replacement, security camera maintenance, POS system issues, purchase and sales of refurbished goods and devices. We work round the clock and will attend to your call promptly. We provide remote services as well. Our technician will get to your location in no time, allowing you to enjoy our services from the comfort of your home.

Refurbished products are gaining immense popularity in today’s modern world as people are looking to achieve greater marginal utility and save money at the same time. Hence, we emphasize on buying used computers in order to cope with the rising prices and growing economy. Such goods are sold with the assurance of efficiency and satisfaction, as our sales team constantly pushes their boundaries and go out of their way to meet your expectations. Our unique and career-driven staff are like no other, owing to their diligence, sincerity and work ethic. Nextgen Technologies, Calgary, is available 24×7 to assist you with any sort of issue with any brand of computer or laptop. Our IT technicians are skilled professionals and highly competent in their areas of expertise. The services we provide are authentic and one-of-a-kind in all of Calgary. Our computer repair shop is well known in the business world and we are exceedingly grateful for our customer and brand loyalty. 

Nextgen puts the customers first. We go above and beyond to assist you with any help that you require. At your request, we negotiate and provide discounts, special offers and fair prices on your purchases. We value every client and strive to furnish you with any computer or IT related services that you may need at any time and location. Let’s take a look at the major pros and cons of purchasing goods that have been refurbished and resold.


  • You can acquire high quality digital devices at a discount, simply because the item purchased is not legally new. Although it is primarily a second-hand good, the quality of the product in question is assuredly top notch. Great efforts are taken by our team to ensure your satisfaction with the condition and calibre of goods purchased therein.
  • More than half of the time, the refurbished devices may not have even been faulty or even used. This occurs as the buyer wishes to return it due to some unforeseen external factors. This may include waiting for a newer version of the product, change in taste or preference or simply because they did not like it. Accordingly, the products resold are treated at par with the brand new articles.
  • All hardware aspects are tested extensively for a number of defects, which are readily replaced with better quality units to ensure smooth functioning and utmost efficiency. The new counterparts are fitted directly after receiving from the factory with little testing. 
  • For an environmentalist, purchasing refurbished goods is a green choice! The generation of hazardous waste in recent times has put a strain on the environment. This includes discarded computers, laptops, smartphones, kitchen appliances among numerous others. This accumulates and spoils the aesthetic of our surrounding landscapes. Thus, refurbishment is a modern approach which aims to reduce such waste disposal complications. This is one of the main reasons why Nextgen is looking to boost sales through this strategy.


  • You may never know why the refurbishment process was necessary for the item that you plan on purchasing. Such information is not openly disclosed to the buyer due to confidentiality reasons. The product will be in great condition, nonetheless.
  • The product’s history may remain unknown. This may include how and where the product was shipped from, how many times it was handled, etc. This is not a real problem as its condition is satisfactory.
  • The availability of any refurbished goods depends entirely on the market. The entire cycle of purchase and sales depends on the clientele. You may not get the exact device or model that you were looking forward to purchase. But we try our level best to furnish you with the most similar product or an even better one.

Should you buy a refurbished computer?

If you decide to approach Nextgen Computer Technologies, Calgary, to purchase any used computers, we assure you quality and satisfaction. As a reputable company, we go to great lengths to make sure that you get a reliable device at a greatly reduced price. Maybe you won’t receive the latest generation of the processor, but as long as you don’t need the absolute peak of performance in your computing work, having a slightly older model and processor will not make any noticeable difference to your work.

Furthermore, the pricing aspect is of great value as you save on a lot of hard earned money. Buying used computers from Nextgen, Calgary, is a smart and insightful decision for your pocket. You are able to save up on your budget and at the same time, appreciate and revel in the full potential of your purchased device. This subsidized rate has attracted countless customers in the past, who have bestowed us with appreciation and gratitude. Nextgen takes great pride in the fact that customer satisfaction has always been at the top of our list and shall continue to be so.
Nextgen Computer Technologies, Calgary, is available to assist you at any time of the day, stay tuned to know our latest offers and discounts on our services and devices. Take a look at our website for product details and offers available. Our team is undoubtedly customer-friendly and highly skilled. We will cater to your needs as soon as you approach us, whether through email, on call, or in person. Our gracious team, here at Nextgen, Calgary, looks forward to doing business with you!

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