Nextgen Desktop/Laptop repair, based in Calgary, aims at rendering effective and efficient repair services for all your computer-related problems. We specialize in the IT field and are held in high accord for our high-speed repairs and economical prices. We offer remote assistance at nominal rates for a wide range of hardware and software system complications and issues. For the past nine years, our company has flourished due to customer satisfaction and loyalty. We are extremely grateful for the positive response of our clients and shall continue to work towards improvement so that you can enjoy even better services in the future.

Nextgen is a leading company in Calgary that helps tackle several issues in relation to computers, laptops, surveillance/security cameras, POS systems. With us, you are sure to receive guaranteed maintenance rapidly and professionally, regardless of your location. The responsive and trained Nextgen team is ready to be at your location at any time you need. Our top quality assistance is unparalleled, the Nextgen team focuses on involvement and tackling the problem from its root.

The Nextgen Computer Solutions is a team of professional and skilled experts in all IT-related sectors. Our trained personnels are highly efficient, exceeding the client’s expectations. Nextgen team pays particular attention to construct the most creative, unique, and innovative pathways to ensure full satisfaction of the customer. Through our experiences, observations, knowledge and expertise, we try to create the best technical support and services to enable users to utilize their devices to their full potential. We offer both hardware and software repairs, including installation, maintenance, overheating issues, parts replacement among various others. 

At Nextgen Computer Repair, Calgary, you will find fast and friendly support, honest and faithful staff, reasonable and affordable pricing, and last but not the least – latest and modern services. Our trained team specialize in repairs of all numerous brands and devices. Respecting our client’s time, we offer quick and timely services to ensure productivity. Offering you a wide range of services, and at the same time, we are always glad to help you with any IT needs. 

Nextgen also offers security camera services, which is considered very crucial due to the essentiality of security in the modern world. With the rising instances of crime around the globe, it has become necessary to put up CCTV cameras to ensure our safety and protection. Surveillance protection is becoming increasingly popular due to its latest technology and ability to be used as evidence in case of a mishap. Nextgen is instrumental in  incorporating CCTV 1080p HD and CCTV 720p, just as Network IP to furnish you with top quality security cameras. With time, any technological device will turn bad or outdated. Surveillance cameras are the same. Connect with Nextgen to report such issues and receive guidance from our dependable workers at any time. 

The POS system, Nextgen Calgary, incorporates an installed receipt printer and client show for transaction summary and advancements. These POS system features widely include- EMV pin and pad, duty ball bearing rollers, secure user rights management, automatic cloud-based POS back-up, etc. These diverse amenities are offered by our trained professionals for nominal prices that suit your needs. Retailers who wish to develop video reporting, monitor moment lottery tickets or require fuel combination ought to consider the Smart POS progressed models.

Why Choose Us? 

Nextgen is known for its excellent customer service, innovative and modern solutions at attractive prices. Our exceedingly professional executives are available round the clock to attend to your needs. We have the best offers on our services, among countless other advantages. Our Calgary team believes in complete hands-on involvement in order to meet your expectations in a short span of time. We are best known for our masterful work, specialized professional executives and other utilities that we provide.

Some of them are:-

24×7 Availability

Nextgen receives all your phone calls and queries 24×7. We are extremely flexible and will attend to all your computer-related issues promptly. Our repair services are rendered in short time frames, as our past customers can attest for. We are here to solve your problems right when you need them solved. No more waiting on hold for technical resolutions at Nextgen. Time and productivity go hand-in-hand, thus we are sure to have your devices repaired at the earliest. We strive for customer satisfaction by attending to all your concerns and IT- related issues. Our employees are highly-driven and offer innovative solutions in order to achieve service satisfaction and high-quality results. 

Fair Price

Nextgen Computer Repair in Calgary offers prices that are fair and affordable for everyone. We also offer a flexible discount system for any service you require. Our reasonable prices include multiple benefits, such as- timely repairs, highly qualified staff, detailed inspections and corrections. The cost-effective services at Nextgen are like no other. 

Qualified Experts

Nextgen organizes learning opportunities for its team of experts to keep them updated on all the new developments in technology. This boosts creativity among our staff and encourages them to tackle even minor issues with ease. This makes our team unique from all others as we tend to stay on top of the game. Our employees have years of experience in their respective areas of expertise and are prompt to attend to your problems at any time.  Our new employees are encouraged to work with our experienced tech staff to learn all the nuances of the industry. We take great pride in our employees’ work ethic and drive towards their job. 

Best Offers

Along with offering a long list of services, Nextgen extends discounts to its customers. Stay up to date with Nextgen discounts on the most popular services, seasonal and special offers. Benefit from our services and boost your productivity. We work continuously and sincerely to return your devices back to you at the earliest, so you can continue with your work and not miss out on valuable time. Our Calgary team offers services in correcting, fixing, altering any part of your device or issue that you are facing in record time.

Our Mission

At first, we started as a company focused on household maintenance. As we progressed, we expanded our list of services. Positive feedback and support from our clients helped pave our way and establish this innovative company. Over the past decade, our clientele has grown tremendously. We always believe in providing support and quality services to customers at their homes. Thus, we advocate for our customers to make use of our remote services and enjoy our assistance from the comfort of their homes. 

Offering fair prices and loyalty has always been our priority. Our team is very attentive to the details to ensure that each customer receives lasting and high-quality results when repairing any desktop/laptop. Nextgen is known for its versatility and careful attention to detail. We provide an extensive range of hardware and software services, creating brand loyalty and credibility in the market. 

Our work is consistent and up to the mark at reasonable prices. If you seek quick affordable repairs, look no further than Nextgen, for we are equipped with all the skills and intelligence required to carry out repairs. 

Our main goal is to offer quality IT solutions for clients at a reasonable price that everyone can afford. So, for the last nine years, the Nextgen team has stood for quality, safety, and credibility and will continue to do so. Today, we are proud that we can offer instant technical support to people whenever and wherever they need it. 

We hire people who show great interest in this sphere and thus guarantee excellence in our work as every member of our team is undeniably the best at their job. We value every employee and every client and endeavour to put forth great efforts to furnish you with the best services ever. Our employees are work-driven, extremely affable and customer-friendly. We aim for your satisfaction and offer the best solutions at economical prices.

On-Site Service

The Nextgen on-site service is designed to make it more customer-friendly, comfortable and easy for desktop/laptop servicing. This has received immense positive feedback from our clients. No need to carry your device to the nearest service centre. For effortless repair service, just call us and you will find our technician right away at your home or office. The best thing is that you can get in touch with us from anywhere, at any time. Can’t get any easier than this, trust us! 

Remote Support

Remote support is one of our best features due to its flexibility and is highly recommended. For emergency service of any software issue, Nextgen remote support service is who you should call. Our tech support is designed to connect your remotely placed desktop/laptop to our service centre. With Nextgen, you can receive immediate guidance and service for all your IT needs, irrespective of your location. Our experienced staff will help you out to ensure that you can get back to your work as soon as possible, with minimal interruptions.

Business and IT Services

Nextgen Computer Repair, Calgary satisfies all IT needs of small businesses, workplaces and private homes. We provide: 

  • Cloud Managed Antivirus and Firewall Protection
  • Cloud Managed Online Backup
  • Remote Management and Monitoring
  • Branded or Assembled Computer Repair and Installation.
  • Repair & Maintenance of Desktop, Laptop and Macbook etc.
  • We provide Custom Built Computers.
  • Data Recovery, Virus Removal and Hardware Issues.
  • Computer/PC running slow, Wifi Router Installation, Overheating, Parts replacement, Windows Installation and more.
  • Offer Remote Assistance.
  • Trained and Experienced Computer Experts.
  • Provide services at Nominal Rates.
  • Customer Support available 24X7.

POS Services

  • Secure User Rights management.
  • Unlimited quantity and storage for Sales history management.
  • Instant price book management.
  • Automatic cloud-based POS system back-up.
  • Centralized and secure cloud-based POS management 
  • Electronic journal with event tagging to make reviews easy.
  • Safe drop enforcement.

Our customer-friendly company will resource you with experience, comprehensive and contemporary technology as well as new techniques with an assurance of your satisfaction. We deal with other companies, retailers, small businesses, individuals, etc., equipping them with the required equipment and services to carry out their personal and professional business endeavours. We are continuously working towards improving ourselves through training and experience so that you can enjoy the best facilities at astounding prices.

Nextgen Computer technology offers on-site fast Computer Repairs, Data recovery, Desktop Repair, Laptop Repair & Virus removal Removes viruses without losing your photos and data and provide Online support services. Also Get AMC facility at affordable prices. If you require repairs or assistance for any of the above-mentioned issues, don’t think twice before ringing us up for our remote services. For any IT or Computer related issue, Nextgen is the place to approach for fast, reliable and dependable service. 

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