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Has your cat spilled coffee all over your laptop? Or you were in an important meeting, and suddenly your desktop stopped working? We are the right people for you if you want your problems fixed!

Nextgen Computer Solutions is a crew of professional, skilled, and trustworthy experts in all Information Technology-related fields. All the members of our team have gone through rigorous training that has made them capable of diagnosing and solving all possible issues in an accurate and innovative manner.

Our technicians are not only proficient in all things computer but also trained to make a special effort to build the most original, distinctive, and inventive pathways to guarantee complete customer satisfaction. We leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of giving the best possible service to our customers.

Fast, friendly support, dependable employees, fair and affordable pricing, and last but not least, the most recent and cutting-edge services make Nextgen the top Desktop or Laptop repair center in Calgary.

We are always happy to assist you with any IT issues while also providing you with a wide choice of services to pick from.

Why Choose Us?

24×7 availability

Whether you need your device fixed in the middle of the night or at the break of dawn, the 24×7 availability of our staff ensures prompt and effective services for all your computer-related issues. You would never have to panic again!

Every call and email you make to Nextgen is answered immediately. We are here to help you solve your difficulties at the drop of a hat. At Nextgen, there is no waiting for technical support.

Fair Value for Money

We understand that electronic devices often end up emptying one’s pocket of all their hard-earned money. This is why we try our best to make prices for Nextgen Computer Repair in Calgary reasonable and accessible to anyone. Additionally, we provide a flexible discount system for all the services you may require.

Qualified Specialists

Nextgen arranges educational opportunities for its professionals to keep them apprised of all the latest technological advancements. Due to this tendency to update our skills, our team stands out from the others and stays ahead of the competition. In order to fully understand the intricacies of the industry, new workers are also encouraged to collaborate with our experienced technical team.

Constant Support

Nextgen Repair is committed to forming lasting relationships and giving its clients ongoing support. By offering support both before and after the services, we make sure that our customers are happy with the results and make us their go-to place for all their problems!

Quality Services

Excellent team members produce excellent services. We make sure that the work we do leaves our clients happy. Not only service, but we also ensure satisfactory aid, management, flexibility, and communication.

We are among the top IT service providers for IT businesses in Calgary and the surrounding areas because of this.

Best Deals

Keep up to speed with Nextgen promotions and avail seasonal and special savings on the most popular services. You can utilize our services to increase your productivity and efficiency.

Our Mission

We first started off as a humble business that specialized in household maintenance. With the help of our amazing staff and extremely supportive customers, we continued to advance and began to offer a more diverse range of services. 

We have always believed in offering our clients assistance and high-quality services in the comfort of their homes; this has undoubtedly contributed to making Nextgen the faithful brand it is today.

Our main objective is to provide customers with the highest-quality IT solutions at the most affordable prices. The Nextgen team has therefore stood for quality, safety, and trustworthiness for the past nine years and will continue to do so in the future. 

Today, we take pride in being able to provide people with immediate technical support whenever and wherever they need it. We truly are just one call away!

Making your computers function as fast and efficiently is our area of expertise in both our Calgary computer repair shop and our on-site Calgary IT support department. We provide hardware and software repairs for computers, laptops, and servers. We fix all models of PCs and hardware used in computers.

Come to Nextgen Desktop/Laptop Repair if you want excellent service and a computer that runs better than ever. Bring your computer to our store if you’re unsure where to send it for service in Calgary. We will start repairing it the moment we get it. We aim to enhance your computer usage and assist you in applying technology to improve your life and business.

Since every member of our staff is unquestionably the finest at what they do, we guarantee excellence in our work. Every client and employee is important to us, and we work hard to provide you with exceptional assistance.

On-site Service

With everything from groceries to clothes being available at our doorstep these days, the Nextgen on-site service is intended to improve the desktop/laptop servicing environment by making it more user-friendly, comfortable, and convenient. There is no need to bring your device to the local service center. Call us for easy and efficient repair service, and we’ll send a professional to your house or place of business right away. Trust us. It doesn’t get any simpler than this!

Remote assistance

We believe in making our help accessible at any time you may require it. This is why you can call Nextgen remote support service for the best after-hours assistance with any software problem. Our technical help is made to link your laptop or desktop that is located remotely to our service center. You can get rapid assistance and support from Nextgen for any of your IT requirements.

Business and IT Services

Nextgen Computer Repair, Calgary, satisfies all IT needs of small businesses. We provide: 

  • Cloud Managed Antivirus and Firewall Protection

Antivirus workloads are transferred from a user’s computer to a cloud-based server that houses an all-inclusive and complete antivirus suite with the help of cloud-based antivirus. Large antivirus software solutions won’t slow down individual PCs if antivirus is hosted in the cloud.

Early virus detection, a small environmental impact, and protection for multiple devices are some of the benefits.

  • Cloud Managed Online Backup

We give our customers access to a shared, software-defined storage infrastructure through cloud backup services. It basically means managing storage as a virtual resource. We can build a sizable storage pool using a virtual, software-defined architecture and then distribute it among our clients.

  • Remote Management and Monitoring

Network management commonly referred to as remote monitoring software or remote monitoring, is a type of software that enables us to proactively and remotely monitor client endpoints, networks, and computers. 

We will make your computer at its best! Calgary computer repair that is efficient, cordial, and professional!

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