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Nowadays, everyone is a tech geek because technology now powers everything. It is the only thing that is constantly growing, and every other day, technology undergoes some sort of innovation. All of us now rely on technology so heavily that we can’t even survive a day without it because it makes daily tasks quick and easy to complete. Everyone wants to store their data and information in digital form as the world becomes more evolved. Every person uses a laptop because it is portable and can be used while on the go. When a person’s laptop stops operating for some or all of the time, it is like a nightmare.  The most common causes include battery problems, viruses, jargon, worms, etc., but the first thing a person wants to do is back up their vital data while seeking laptop service.

Technology For Humans, By Humans

Nextgen Computer Solutions is a team of skilled experts in various fields of IT. The NextGen team makes a special effort to build the most original, distinctive, and inventive pathways to guarantee complete customer pleasure. We work to develop the greatest technical support and services through our experiences, observations, knowledge, and expertise so that users may get the most of their devices. Fast, courteous support, dependable employees, fair and inexpensive pricing, and last but not least, the most recent and cutting-edge services, can all be found at Calgary’s Nextgen Computer Repair. We are always happy to assist you with any IT issues while also providing you with a wide choice of services.

Are you looking for:

  • All of your IT needs to be covered by a single monthly set charge.
  • Your team can contact the help desk at any moment for immediate remote technical support.
  • Management of your entire computing infrastructure at a distance and in person.
  • Services for disaster recovery and off-site backup, or administration of your current solutions.
  • All of your technology to be managed and supported by a single provider.

We work together to ensure that your company utilizes all of the technology at your disposal in a cost-effective manner.

Why Choose Us?

Nextgen puts the welfare of people first. First, all kinds of people. The top technicians in the city are here, and we are bursting with knowledge. Additionally, we are social beings. We strive to make computer problems less unpleasant, time-consuming, and disruptive because we know how critical and essential a role your computer plays in your life. We are at your service.

Always available

Every call and email you make to Nextgen is answered immediately. Right when you need us, we are here to help you solve your difficulties. At Nextgen, there is no longer a hold time for technical support.

Fair Cost

Prices for Nextgen Computer Repair in Calgary are reasonable and accessible to anyone. Additionally, we provide a customized discount programme for whatever service you need.

Competent Specialists

For its team of professionals, Nextgen arranges educational opportunities to keep them abreast of all the latest technological advancements. Due to our propensity to stay ahead of the competition, our team stands out from the others. In order to fully understand the subtleties of the industry, new workers are also encouraged to collaborate with our knowledgeable technical team.

Laptop Repair:

We’ll get your laptop or computer running like new!

Computer and laptop repair is Nextgen’s area of expertise. We’ll optimize the performance and speed of your PCs. Come to Nextgen virus eradication and computer repair lab if you want to receive excellent service and have your desktop or laptop functioning better than before. Bring your computer to our store if you’re unsure where to send it for service in Calgary. We’ll work on it immediately. 

We will either discover a solution for any computer issue or we won’t charge. Other repair businesses, particularly large retail computer stores, cannot afford to provide a customized, in-depth fix for every distinct computer issue. They don’t have our committed and persistent troubleshooting abilities, and they approach all computer issues the same (reformat).

Our Mission:

We first started off as a business that specializes in home maintenance. We continued to advance and added more services to our menu. We have always believed in offering our clients support and high-quality services at their homes.

Our main objective is to provide clients with high-quality IT solutions at affordable prices. The Nextgen team has stood for quality, safety, and trustworthiness for the past nine years and will do so in the future. Today, we take pride in being able to provide people with immediate technical support whenever and wherever they need it.

Since every member of our staff is unquestionably the greatest at what they do, we guarantee excellence in our work. Every client and employee is important to us, and we work hard to provide you with the best services possible.

On-site Service

The Nextgen on-site service is intended to improve the desktop/laptop servicing environment by making it more user-friendly, cozy, and convenient. There is no need to transport your device to the local servicing center. Call us for a simple repair service, and we’ll send a professional to your house or place of business right away. Trust us, it doesn’t get any simpler than this!

Remote Support

 Nextgen’s remote support service is who you should contact for the greatest emergency assistance with any software issue. Our technical help is made to link your laptop or desktop that is located remotely to our service center. You can get rapid assistance and support from Nextgen for any of your IT requirements.

Business and IT Services

Nextgen Computer Repair, Calgary satisfies all IT needs of small businesses. We provide: 

  • Cloud Managed Antivirus and Firewall Protection
  • Cloud Managed Online Backup
  • Remote Management and Monitoring

Come on in, we’re waiting for you!

Every repair we perform at Nextgen reflects the passion with which we approach our business. We treat every gadget with the same care and consideration that we would give to our own, making us the best in the industry. We approach every diagnosis and repair as a challenge that must be overcome rather than as a necessary evil. We strive to improve on every occasion, and we thought yesterday was a fairly fantastic day.

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