Liquid Damaged Macbook – Rice Does Not Repair!

Today we want to update Calgary on why putting your mac book repair Calgary after a liquid encounter is a bad idea and explain why the rice trick is a temporary measure. In our opinion, the original idea of ​​putting electronics in rice was never meant to repair the affected device, but to mitigate the damage. If your Mac does get liquid, soaking your Mac in rice won’t do much, if anything, prevent damage or total damage. A Mac that seems to work once you put it in the rice will work whether you put the MacBook in the rice or not. Even if your Mac starts up after “processing” the rice, liquids that come into contact with the electronic components inside (usually a logic board), the Mac rusts and corrodes, and the connections become brittle or damaged.

MacBook fluid damage is an urgent matter and should be fixed as soon as possible to prevent further damage to other components. It is imperative that the Mac is opened to remove the battery and examined under a microscope to determine the extent of the damage. Rice does almost nothing to prevent rust or corrosion, and in no way prevents breakage or shorting. Rice is not a repair tool.

Other options that are sprayed all over the internet are the famous toothbrush and alcohol. Here we have a slightly better solution than rice, but the main problem is that this method never completely removes fluid or corrosion from under the critical chips of a logic board. It’s not water that damages your MacBook, the minerals in the liquid are conductive and damage individual power components.

The ultimate solution for Calgary mac book repair is to have your Mac professionally disassembled and the logic board (also known as the motherboard) cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner, read the logic board schematic, troubleshoot the problem, professionally repair the damaged component, and replace it.

We encourage you to seek our professional help when your Mac experiences a liquid to protect your investment and assure you that your expensive Apple computer was properly serviced and will continue to function well in the future.

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