How to Fix spilled water on MacBook Keyboard

How to repair MacBook keyboard after water damage:
If you accidentally spill water or other liquid on the MacBook keyboard, you should immediately clean the surface of the liquid, turn off the device, and remove the battery. Then unscrew your computer and plug it back in, gently draining the liquid.

Don’t power it on for 72 hours – you should make sure your MacBook repair Calgary is dry before starting. Some people may use a hair dryer, the liquid can spread inside the module and cause more serious damage.

MacBook 2022 12 inch keyboard injury car sticky keys clean:

1 Step is the keycap:

The keycap removal tool is nail, won’t damage the keycap or drop the paint. This step requires more patience. The top two corners are pulled down and the bottom two corners are pulled down. Since the buckles are on the sides at the two bottom corners, they break at the bottom.

2 is cleaning:

  1. Take the lid and wash it. Clean with a brush, rinse again and then air dry.
  2. Clean the inside of the keyboard. Wet the paper with rubbing alcohol, then hold the paper ball with tweezers until it’s clean.

3:Push the button cover back. First hold the button cover and fix the bottom two buckles on the bracket, then attach the button cover and press the top two corners to assemble.

And if the amount of water is less, it can dry naturally, and the car will lose its viscosity with prolonged drying.

Key Repair Tools and Accessories: MacBook Replacement Keyboard Laptop Repair Tool Kit

  1. Disconnect, unplug the power supply,
  2. Remove the 8 screws on the back panel,

4 When disassembling the back case, do not open it immediately. The back cover is installed by hand at a 45° angle.

5 Gently peel off the cable tape, then take the red pressure strip on the picture and the cable will pop out. At this point, the back cover can be opened 90°, because there is a cable port on the back, it is recommended not to put it.

6 Remove the three screws from the photo and cable you just removed. At this time, the lower circuit board may be detached, but do not immediately remove the main circuit board.

7 The original Apple battery disassembled very strongly. Replace battery and keyboard for Calgary MacBook repair. Do not use force to remove the tape to avoid excessive deformation and battery explosion. Use pry to free areas where battery is stuck.

8 . Pull out the motherboard.

9 Go up here and you can remove the battery.

10 During disassembly, three cables are connected to the lower case of the computer, and three cables are removed to completely separate the lower case from the laptop.

11 Unplug the right wire and open the pin in the red position in the picture, just like the first wire. Gently pull the cable by hand.

12 In the middle of the cable, first remove the black tape attached to it. When opened, the tablet is carefully opened and cut. After the glue is removed, the cable can be pulled slowly.

13 Unscrew the remaining screws and loosen them with tweezers. At this point, the small case is completely separated from the laptop.

14 With the left cable removed, remove the two screws and cable as shown in the image and the headphone module can be removed.

15 Remove the keyboard cable and remove it as above.

16 Remove the screws on both sides of the keyboard. The screw area is removable.

17 . Remove the right cable.

18 Remove the protective cover from the back of the keyboard. It is recommended to use a hair dryer to generate hot air, blow for 1-2 minutes, being careful to avoid the motherboard and slightly expose the protective film.

19 Remove the screws and remove the screws that are visible on the keyboard. In principle, every lock has a screw.

20 You will need to remember the position of each screw as there may be different screws on the MacBook screen repair. You have to mark the screw position on the map or take a photo.

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