Macbook Damaged by Coffee Or Liquid ? We Still Fix It

Accidently spilled fluid or espresso or water into a Macbook Pro or Macbook Air ???

This can happen to anyone whenever. Prior to snatching your telephone to call us, you need to do specific things and you must be genuine speedy.

Switch off the mac book repair calgary right away. This should be possible by squeezing and holding the power button, accepting that the spillage happened when it was on.

Turn off the power links from the power source.
Separate all associated gadgets such an outer showcase screen, USB Drives and so on
Get dry the fluid any place it is observed utilizing a cotton towel or exceptionally permeable paper towels.
Assuming the spillage occurred over the console flip it over.
Do no turn it on.
Presently what. Get the telephone and call us : 403 412 5000. We will deal with the rest

Our prosperity rate in saving the Liquid spilled Macbooks is just about 95%.

Our prepared and experienced experts will completely analyze you MacBook screen repair and fix it at the Logic board part level. This way you don’t need to go for the expensive choice of supplanting the Logic board.

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