Desktop Computer Repair


Nowadays, life is incomplete without laptop and computers. From browsing the net and playing the latest games to watching movies and listening to songs, laptops and computers do it all.

Having become a part of our day to day life, it doesn’t come as a surprise when problems in our laptops and computers bring our life to a halt. We are here just to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

We, at Nextgencomtech, believes in providing quality work to our clients. Our team of professionals excel in taking away the pain of finding the right computer repair expert to cater to their needs.

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With reasonable pricing, you can avail our Computer Repair services anywhere in Calgary and Airdrie regions. Our experts are certified technicians and trained engineers to redeem any laptop in need of saving.

Here are some common hardware and software problems-


1.      Computer doesn’t start – When we turn on the power button, the computer/laptop doesn’t start and remains dead. When we plug in the AC adapter in your laptop, nothing happens and the laptop remains still.  This is a common hardware problem.

2.      Computer/laptop keeps restarting– It is a hardware problem where computer/laptop turns on properly but turns off again without any warning. This happens repetitively.

3.     Computer/laptop freezes– In this case, the laptop works properly for a while and then it freezes or shuts down without any warning. The bottom of the laptop becomes hotter.

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4.      Beep sounds– Sometimes, the computer/laptop makes a repetitive beeping sound on starting. Though it can be fixed temporarily by randomly pressing some keys but it is a hardware problem and needs repair.

5.     Noisy laptop– Due to problems in hard drive or the cooling fan, the laptop sometimes makes more noises than usual.

6.    Keyboard keys have stopped working or have missing characters– Sometimes the keyboard keys do not work, and sometimes the keys in the keyboard go missing. In this case, keyboard repair is needed.

7.      Liquid spills on the laptop– Whenever there is some kind of liquid spills on the laptop,, we need to turn if off immediately and then repair the laptop. Sometimes, liquid spills can be dangerous and data might be lost.

We have professionals who are adequately equipped to deal with computer related issues and successfully resolve all the above mentioned problems at a very reasonable price.

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While some software problems can be fixed easily, there are some which requires assistance.

1.   Applications run slowly– Some applications run very slowly in our computer/laptop. The problem could be with our operating system or our hard drive space.

2.     Applications don’t install– This may be due to less space in our hard drive or the application may be corrupt.

3.      Blue screen– When our computer/laptop displays a blue screen with a couple of white texts, it is referred to as the “Blue Screen of Death” or “STOP Error”. 

       The STOP Error appears when there is problem with drivers, hardware, DLL files etc. In order to remove this blue screen we must shut down our computer/laptop, which will solve the problem temporarily but the screen won’t return back to normal until the underlying issue is solved.

4.      Viral attack– A threat of a virus infection depends on the type of virus. Good antivirus software normally saves the day but sometimes formatting needs to be done.

Whatever may be the problem, our technicians can help you resolve it and be done with all your laptop related woes before you even know it We aim at providing you the best services  at a budget that will not burn a hole in your pocket.

These are some common hardware and software problems. Ranging from simple to serious hardware and software problems, we provide assistance for all.

Our computer technicians will always be ready to help you, no matter where are you in Calgary and Airdrie regions. Leaving no stones unturned, Nextgencomtech promises you a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all PC repair fixes.